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    I am getting requests for treadmill workstations.  Does anyone have any experience with these.  Are they well accepted?  Any OH&S issues (falling etc.).  Trekdesk was one that was suggested by one of our workers.


    Tim Black PT, MSc



    From this site’s ergonomics report:

    "Sit-Stand vs. Sit: Muskuloskeletal Complaints Decrease; Mood Improves; Performance Remains the Same

    October 11, 2010

    German researchers investigated the effects of seated work vs. a mix of seated and standing work on physical and psychological complaints and on data entry performance. They found improvements in musculoskeletal comfort and mood when subjects varied working postures between sitting and standing, as compared to sitting only, with small effects on data entry performance."

    Jim Herzog

    Occupational Therapist



    check out AFC Industries.. They are in NY I think. They have something called "the JW Treadmill Desk"


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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