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    I am working with an individual with a muscle wasting disease that weakens them and will only progress. The legs are the issue and they are having problems rising from their chair. I know about the uplift seat but I was wondering if there is a chair out there that does the same action that can be used in the office setting. Or is there a chair whose pneumatics allow it to rise first when activated instead of lowering. Currently I have them place the back of the chair against the desk to stabilize while they push up. Your help is appreciated. Eric



    Hi Eric-

    I work in a nursing home, and have several residents who use the Up Lift lounge chairs, but I’ve never seen one in an office chair form. However, I’ve had pretty good luck using a seat cushion that works along the same lines. It’s called a Seat Assist cushion (made by the Up Lift company), and it fits into a standard armchair. It uses a pneumatic lifting mechanism that is set based on the user’s weight. It remains in an extended position until the user sits, then it gently lowers the user to chair level. It stays down until the user attempts to stand up – when their weight shifts forward, the pneumatic lift on the cushion engages and it gives the user a “boost.” I’ve had pretty good success with nursing home residents. The only complaint was that it was uncomfortable, but most people were pretty happy with it. You can check it out at http://www.up-lift.com/lifting_cushions/uplift_seatassist/uplift_seatassist.asp

    Good luck!

    Karin, PT


    [private user]

    Hi Karen and Eric,

    If needed, a furniture upholsterer may be able to make a more comfortable custom fit cushion to replace the one that covers the mechanical parts on the Up Lift Seat Assist.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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