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    Are there any headsets that come with an indicator light to tell colleagues that the headset wearer is listening to a phone conversation? (When workers wear headsets all the time their availability for off-line conversation is not always obvious to onlookers.)


    David McFarlane

    Ergonomist, WorkCover Authority

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    New South Wales, Australia


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    I posted a similar question a few weeks ago, and got one response:

    “This is a comment that comes up fairly often in my practice. I recommend telephone headsets to minimize awkward posture of neck and shoulder as a way to crunch the phone between ear and shoulder. Many comment that when they are using a telephone headset, others cannot tell they are on the phone and begin speaking to the headset user. I worked with one busy medical office that deals mostly with elderly patients. The patients interrupt the administrative staff who are trying to schedule patients over the phone. The admin staff insist they cannot wear headsets because of the constant interruptions from the elderly patients who fail to recognize that they are the telephone.

    Do they make telephone headsets with bright lights or some other indicator that they are in use? I have seen one model that has a tiny light by the ear, but it hardly alerts the world that the telephone headset is in use.

    – Maureen

    Waterboro ME, USA

    And the response:


    Check out companies like ‘Hello Direct’ (www.hellodirect.com) that sell accessories for headsets. Their catalog has devices that let others know when someone is on a call. Some of these may be compatible with your current headsets.

    Good Luck

    Philip Jacobs, MS, CSP, CPE

    Jacobs Consulting, Ltd.

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