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    Does anyone know of a CD or DVD case design that is easy to open with no strain to the hand, wrist and forearm? I have been working with libraries and they are seeing an increase of strains and pain complaints of their staff due to the frequently opening of these cases. They need to open them upon check-in and check-out and cannot leave the CDs and DVDs in the case on the shelves due to the high theft rate. Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Marnie Myhre, MS, PT, CEA



    Perhaps eliminate the need for the jewel case on the shelf. The library that I use, puts the cover (for videotapes), or a copy of the cover in the main library with a card to be brought to the check out area. At that time, the librarian can retrieve the appropriate CD (would not have to open it because it was checked in correctly) and provide it to the customer.

    This doesn’t eliminate opening on the return.

    For return check in – going to a clear CD/DVD case, where the disc is visible (and the label is readable) would eliminate the opening step here as well.



    I subscribe to a number of Computer magazines, and the CDs come in heavy cardboard folders or plastic sleeves.

    Or, just like we’re moving to ‘green’ cloth bags or padded bags for carrying groceries, perhaps your library could move towards designing/selling or asking the patrons bringing their own containers to transport the CDs/DVDs and use one of those multi CD storage machines that can hold hundreds of CDs/DVDs and are connected to the computers at the library holding area. From what I understand, you could scan in the name, and the CD would actually ‘pop out’ of the machine.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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