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    Hi Gordon. 

    You may find this helpful.


    Section 5.5 Work (floor) space


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    Z412-00 Guideline on Office Ergonomics

    In general terms, each office worker should have sufficient space to carry out his or her tasks safely and

    comfortably. The amount of space needed will depend upon the types of tasks performed and the equipment

    and furniture for the workstation. Other considerations include whether meetings with co-workers or

    supervisors occur in the work area and whether there is any need for movement. Space is necessary for

    access to the workstation and movement when opening filing cabinets and desk drawers.

    Three types of space are important in the overall layout of a floor plan:

    1. primary space: for amenities, meeting rooms, elevators, lobbies, etc;

    2. secondary space: for corridors, walkways and storage;

    3. tertiary space: for each workstation to accommodate a desk, chair, storage (drawers, filing cabinet),

    and other necessary equipment.

    The amount of tertiary space needed for any one individual is determined by considering:

    – various tasks performed (see Step 4 for task description);

    – overall size of the work surface;

    – other furniture required, such as visitor’s chair, filing cabinets, etc;

    – storage needs; and

    – how the furniture will be arranged and put together.

    The Treasury Board of the Canadian federal government, for example, has a minimum space standard, or

    footprint, which is an 2438 × 3048 mm cubicle (eight foot by ten foot cubicle), based on accommodating an Lshaped

    work surface with overhead shelving, an office chair, a visitor’s chair, and a file cabinet.

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    Parasuco actually advertises a pair of jeans as being "ergonomic".  I have always found this to be interesting.  Here is a study on determining the ergonomics of jeans.


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