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    I just wanted to post a reply as I have had some positive gain.

    After a few months now I hardly ever feel pain in my elbow, and my wrist only gets a little tight towards the end of each week (usually late Thursday or sometime during Friday) then feels great again after the weekend. The only things I have really changed to get some positive effects are:

    1. I replaced my small Logitech M305 with a bigger, wired (lighter) mouse and moved the sensitivity back to normal.

    2. I started using the arm rests on my desk chair. I currently have them at the exact same height as my desk with my arms at about a 95-100 degree angle.

    3. I have continued doing wrist and bicep curls with a 10 pound weight. I do 3 sets of 15, each, every other day.

    4. I still stretch my forearms and wrists every 10-15 minutes while working on the computer.

    5. When I do get a litle discomfort towards the end of the week, I ice the inside of my elbow and lower forearm (near the wrist) for about 20 minutes each.

    Also, I would like to again thank everyone for the helpful feedback. I'm still trying out different feedback from here to see if I can completely get rid of the soreness, even at the end of the week.

    in reply to: Desk/Computer Job Ergonomics (Golfer’s Elbow) #40996

    [private user]

    Thanks everyone for the replies, it is very much appreciated. I will take all of these comments into consideration and see what I can do about having an expert examine my workstation. I do use the scroll-wheel pretty often, as it is an "easy out" to keep me from moving the mouse more to drag the scroll bar down the screen (on the right side). I didn't realize that using the scroll wheel may actually be worse than manually scrolling up/down pages. I am not having any other issues throughout my body, but I did have tendonitis in my elbow when I was in high school from playing baseball. I suppose that because of that, my elbow may be weaker and more prone to this type of injury. From the sounds of it, it seems like the majority of you agree that looking into a new mouse and lowering my mouse/keyboard is a good place to start. I will look into trying this out and see if I gain positive results.

    Thanks to all again for the helpful replies, I appreciate it very much.

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