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    Also I forgot to mention this (of course) I had a partial clavical resection about 10 years ago. I had separated and dislocated my shoulder a few times and i started to get a protein deposit on my clavical from all the grinding of the bones so they took 2 centimeters off the clavical and cut out the protein deposit. I am pretty sure that is what they did but it was so long ago i have forgot. since then my left shoulder has sucked big-time. I cant sleep on that side, etc. this is the same side as the ulnar nerve resection was done.

    Funy huh?

    Anyway I am going to look for a specialist I think to address this issue.

    Thank you all for all of your information you have provided.



    I have been trying a great deal of things. I have a keyboard tray. All monitors are on swing arms that I can adjust for height. I use an ergo keyboard (8yrs) however i just cannot get comfortable and painless. I am not using any elbow rests at all. The pain starts from the outside of my palm on my left hand. Then i can feel dsicomfort in the back of my left elbow. Then left pinkie starts to feel funny (tingly and numb).

    My arm does not feel comfortable at a bent 90 degree angle. that causes pain all over. i like my arm more open like at 160 degrees open (ie more extended arm). but this in turn makes it hard to see my monitors as they are now 2 feet away. I am working on getting them closer to the edge of my desk. THe other problem is I cannot get the keyboard tray correct because it wont lock at a down angle that feels comfortable and also at the best height the keyboard tray is pretty much wresting on my lap.

    Basically this whole thing sucks and I feel like I cannot do much to fix it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)