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    As an addendum to my message above, I’d also like to explain that "Ergonomics Without Borders" already does exist.

    It is a program headed by the IEA-Foundation for Professional Ergonomics. Currently, it’s focus is to:

    -Provide IDC (Industrially Developing Country) ergonomists and agencies a place where they could request ergonomics expertise or information, and identify those who agree to provide the advice or information at no cost to the IDC requester.

    -Identify ergonomics experts to serve as workshop or training course instructors or as keynote speakers at professional conferences in IDCs at no charge except, possibly, travel expenses

    Because of the overwhelming interest on this message board and other outlets, we are now trying to expand this scope to providing ergonomics expertise to projects in IDC’s geared to promoting any and all aspects of quality of life.

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    Dear All,

    It appears that there is a great deal of interest in launching Ergonomists Without Borders. I wanted to give everyone an update to let you know that progress has begun "behind the scenes".

    My name is Greg Cresswell and I have agreed to take a leading role in launching this exciting project.  I have been working with leaders from IEA (International Ergonomics Association), FPE (Foundation for Professional Ergonomics) and HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomics Society) to begin the groundwork.

    In order to move this from a concept to reality we need your help!

    Our current primary objectives are to:

    1) Establish a core team who is interested in and dedicated to starting up Ergonomists Without Borders.

    2) Launch a website so that we have a place we can call home

    However, we need help in many other areas as well.  We are looking for people who are able to contribute in terms of seeking out and/or giving donations, providing resources, providing contacts to institutions/organizations/companies that may be able to set us up with projects. We are also in need of people who are able to volunteer their time/expertise and carry out these projects. Students, you are also welcome to volunteer your time and gain valuable work and life experience.

    For those of you who are willing to contribute or be involved, please email me at:

    [email protected]

    And let me know:
    -Your name
    -Your contact information
    -A brief description of your background
    -How you are willing to contribute
    -How much time/resources you are realistically able to dedicate

    Also, if you are not able to dedicate that much time to this, but still want to stay in the loop, that’s OK too! Please still contact me – I will be generating an email list.

    This is all very exciting! Thank you for your interest!

    Stay tuned for more developments…


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