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    ErgoIndustrial has a base with multiple height footrest base

    http://ergoindustrial.com/canada/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=1&mcat=Products&scat=Industrial Chairs


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    I am currently working on a project to provide suggestions for reducing risk of discomfort/injury for our employees who use laptops at home regularly. Generally, the recommendations encompass using an external keyboard and mouse (ergonomic/specially designed if the user has a particularly injury/area of discomfort already) and positioning them to ensure neutral postures of the shoulders, arms, wrists etc.(same as ergonomic set up guidelines for a desktop computer), positioning the laptop so that the neck is in a neutral posture when looking at the monitor, using document holders, wrist-rest pads etc. to further promote neutral joint postures, addressing work processes to minimize keying and mousing wherever possible (using templates, macros etc.), planning work to frequently alternate postures/activities and taking frequent micro-breaks to stretch, do relaxation exercises, deep breathing etc., avoiding transporting the laptop if possible, or using a backpack and/or rolling pull case, and drinking lots of water, exercising to minimize the strain of the computer work on the body, etc. Provision of equipment to achieve all these objectives may be necessary, such as keyboard/mouse trays, risers or stands for the laptop, etc. As a start for ideas of equipment that can help, I found several ideas on the ErgoCanada website (http://www.ergocanada.com) – for example this (below) was a neat thing I haven’t seen elsewhere (since you mentioned using the laptop in bed!)… Good luck!

    Portable Adjustable Laptop Table

    by Laptop Laidback

    Model # – LL-HW, LL-BK

    More Information

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