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    Hi! First of all I request all participants to make certain that whom they are asking the questains.
    secondly it is for ages a mature observation that the graphic illustration helps more to observe correctly then to propose any situation with words.
    Pros & Cons are always related to graphs.
    This Website is very useful but it must allow users to submit their power point drawings for reffrences.
    I think it would be better if we have this PPT facility, then we can 100% find ways for solution. 

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    If you have travlled alot you may have observed that the immigration people donot look more around towards the passenger, the reason they need to observe the reality sitting behind their desk, how?. They have a camera which let them observe the passenger in one of the screen and in the other they work on their data entry.
    In our computer lab in the university they put the computer screen beneath the desk and keep a transparent glass over the desk as the administrator can see through to work and as well as their is nothing over the table. the table can adjust the way the person wants to see it.
    The attendent is sitting 90 degree to the patient, that means that she has to move towards to right or left, preffereable right because right is usaually weaker side of human body then left. secondly y-axis should also be reffered with the x-axis as moving the face left or right 90 degrees and facing upwards 30 degrees, therefore the idea suggests that face to face adjustability will be more suitable, further the triage design may also help to solve the hearing and noise problem as the back side of the desk is covered as corner.
    Maybe youmay find some help with this.

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