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    Hi ,

    After reading all the respones, I am going to keep this short. After 32 years of practise,the most effective treatement for medail or lateral epicondylitis is Active release technique (ART), it is extraordinary how this well this technique works for soft tissue adhesions even severely chronic ones . Three visits and you will be 90% better.

    The only reason more people dont know this simple but effective technique, is because Chiropractors do it, and lots of people wont go to chiros.

    But if you really want it gone, go for an ART practitioner.

    Once the adhesions are gone then you ICE it as per previous advice, and follow workstation setup as stated above.

    No use doing it the other way round, just not effective. By the way Vit B has nothing to do with medial epiconylitis.

    Chris Webster

    Registered Chiropractor



    Hi Dennis,
    As an ergonomist and a chiro with 26 years experience, can I suggest that you get your first or second costo-vertebral joint adjusted by a chiro. Trigger points in the levator scapulae, rhomboid, subscapularis and trapezius can all cause ulnar radiating pain. These trigger points with vertebral fixations can result in ulnar nerve irritation.Forward head posture and lateral scapula movement( round shoulders) all reduce the thoracic outlet that can result in your symptomatology.
    I agree with other authors that you need a thorough ergo assessment with regular micro breaks.

    Good luck and find a chiro familiar with upper thoracic biomechanical issues.

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